Travel Nurses

Why not consider a travel assignment from 13-26 weeks in a fun location where you can meet new & exciting people and as well experience a new part of the U.S. where you may have never been. What you will receive:
Nurse and Doctor Discussing — Travel in Salt Lake City, UT
Dedicated Nurse Recruiting Specialist - A Nurse Recruiting Specialist will be assigned to you. This individual will assist you through your entire assignment, as well be available to answer any questions you may have at any time. Most of all to make sure you had a wonderful experience!!

Housing Arrangements - We have parameters in place to insure safe & secure accommodations close to the facilities you will be working at. If you have secured a place of your own then we will offer a housing subsidy in place of locating one for you.
Contact us 1- 877-764-7400 immediately to hear about our Travel Assignments!!!!