Nurse Placement

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As either a Per Diem or Travel Nurse or Permanent Placement candidate with 3D Medical Staffing, LLC we recognize that experienced licensed medical professionals are the foundation of a strong healthcare organization.

We recognize this & that is why we offer the most rewarding & challenging work in your areas. Our long-lasting partnerships with our nurses as well as our clients are based on trust. We continue to build on these relationships by listening & working to understand your needs and always delivering what we have promised.
Get the personal attention you deserve by working with a smaller agency that will put you the NURSE first!

What to Expect

  • Competitive rate of pay
  • Flexible & Block Scheduling
  • Weekly pay
  • Local assignments with ability to work when & where you prefer.
All of our Nurses are screened thorough pre-employment screening process which includes copies & verification of licensure, education history as well as a nationwide criminal background check.

A skills checklist is performed on a yearly basis. Two professional references checked.

Contact us to discuss our open per diem assignments & Permanent Placement Positions.

Nursing-Compensation and Rate of Pay

Many factors will determine your rate of pay. Those factors include experience, specialty, location, shift, flexibility, housing, length of assignment and benefits. Please contact your recruiter for specific rates.

Insurance Benefits

3D Medical Staffing offers health insurance plans through Humana that includes medical, dental, life, vision discount program, and prescription coverage. 3D Medical Staffing offers a comprehensive health insurance plan that includes medical, prescription coverage. Dependent coverage is also available under both of 3D Medical Staffing's group policies.

Disability & Compensation Insurance

Both premiums are paid 100% by 3D Medical Staffing If you have been injured on the job, please download a Worker's Compensation Claim Form and fax it in to 3D Medical Staffing immediately.

Travel Reimbursement

Travel is a part of your job, and we believe you should be reimbursed for it. We offer reimbursement for round-trip travel. The reimbursement is based on actual mileage traveled to and from the assignment. The reimbursement will be paid to you in full during the first week and last week of your assignment.

Licensure Reimbursement

3D Medical Staffing will reimburse you for all of the expenses related to obtaining state licensure for your assignment. You will be reimbursed after your first 30 days of employment.

Bonus Programs & Referral Bonus

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Do you know a friend who wants to travel?
If you are currently a 3D Medical Staffing Traveler on assignment and you refer another traveler to 3D Medical Staffing and he or she takes and completes an assignment with 3D Medical Staffing for a minimum of 13 weeks, you will receive a referral bonus of If you are currently not on an assignment with 3D Medical Staffing, and you refer a traveler who completes a 13 week assignment you will receive a bonus based on classification. Hospitals and healthcare facilities require documentation from travelers prior to the starting an assignment. 3D Medical Staffing has an entire staff to assist you in getting your documents to us in a timely manner. You are given your own personal staffing coordinator who understands the specific requirements for any facility in which you may choose to be placed and who is willing to answer any questions you may have. 3D Medical Staffing covers the cost of your drug screen and background checks, as well as assists you in finding a laboratory as close as possible to your home. Reminders are sent to you when documents, such as licensure and certification, are nearing their expiration dates. 3D Medical Staffing also has a clinician on staff for you to share clinical concerns you may have about the assignment.