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In the new millennium, the challenges of supplemental staffing have become much more complex. Your Facilities have a growing need for qualified & flexible health care staff. 3D Medical Staffing, LLC understands these changes and has become a facilitator in the development of a new health care supplemental workforce. Today's' employees have redefined staffing as a career choice and 3D Medical Staffing, LLC has become the employer that gives them the best options for personally tailoring their careers. At the same time, 3D Medical Staffing, LLC has been able to give employers broader access to staff who can supplement their needs on a more economic, convenient and flexible basis.
Staffing Solutions for your facility
Skills Check List - We have our staff complete a skills checklist which we update on a yearly basis.

Cost Efficiency - Our mission is to deliver a professional team of nurses that is cost efficient to meet your ongoing needs of quality personnel.

Screening Process - We provide a thorough pre-employment screening process which includes copies & verification of licensure, education history as well as a nationwide criminal background check. 2 professional references checked.

Dependability - We pride ourselves on making sure one of 3D Medical Staffing, LLC strengths is our ability to recruit & maintain an abundant of dependable staff to meet your large volume of requests.

Insurance - We provide Workers Compensation Insurance to all of our per diem & contract nurses. We also carry 1 million/3 million in Professional & General Liability Insurance.
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