Nurse Staffing in the Continental United States

Does 3D Medical Staffing specialize in any specific areas in the country?
Currently, 3D Medical Staffing places temporary, travel, and permanent nurses and allied healthcare professionals throughout the continental United States. Every day we receive new requests from clients from all over the world.

Do I pay 3D Medical Staffing to find an assignment or placement for me?
No. Candidates do not pay any fees for working with our recruiters to locate a temporary, per diem, travel, or permanent placement.

What type of nursing jobs does 3D Medical Staffing offer?
With 3D Medical Staffing you can work per diem, temporary, or travel nursing assignments or even secure a permanent position with one of the exceptional facilities/companies we partner with. When you complete your online application (this will link to TSS/RSS) you can designate what type of assignments or placements you prefer and one of our specialized recruiters will contact you to get started.

Will I be an employee of 3D Medical Staffing?
If you work an assignment for our travel division or shifts for our per diem division, you are an employee of 3D Medical Staffing. We pay your wages directly to you after withholding and paying all employment taxes, workers' compensation, and any benefits selections as requested.

What happens when I register online?
Once you complete the online registration our sourcing team will receive your information and distribute it to the appropriate division depending upon your preferences. One of our recruiting team members will contact you to follow up on any question or request you may have or to get more information about you and your nursing/healthcare career. Once you register on the website, you may complete the online application and applicable skills checklist to get you started quickly.

What will my salary be?
Your salary or pay rate depends upon your modality, specialty, and experience, as well as the facility and location in which you work. When working per diem and travel nursing assignments, you may have flexibility in pay rate depending upon what amenities you may need or want while working. In permanent placement, your recruiter will work with you to negotiate the best compensation package possible.

When and how will I be paid?
3D Medical Staffing pays our per diem and travel staff weekly. Direct deposit options are available.

Does 3D Medical Staffing offer bonuses on assignments?
Yes, for our travel nursing and per diem divisions, 3D Medical Staffing offers extension and loyalty bonuses. Many of our clients in travel, per diem, and permanent placement offer a variety of bonuses and incentives specific to their locations and assignments. Also, 3D Medical Staffing offers referral bonuses. For more information regarding bonuses available, talk to your recruiter.

How are my taxes handled?
For per diem and travel employees, 3D Medical Staffing withholds all necessary taxes. You will receive a W-2 from every state in which you've worked at the end of the year. You are not an independent contractor. For specific tax questions, you should talk to your personal tax advisor.

Does 3D Medical Staffing offer any bonuses if I refer a friend?
Yes. We offer a referral bonus for any potential employees you refer to 3D Medical Staffing who begin corporate employment with 3D Medical Staffing, successfully placed by our Executive or Permanent Career Divisions or complete a travel nursing assignment. After your referral completes the first assignment, you will receive a bonus from $350 - $1000, depending upon the specialty area and modality of your referral.

When can I sign up for medical and dental insurance?
You may sign up for benefits through 3D Medical Staffing on your first travel nursing assignment. You are eligible for insurance coverage the first of the month after 30 days of initial employment. Your benefits may continue as you change assignments so long as you do not have a break between assignments longer than 28 days.

What type of medical benefits does 3D Medical Staffing offer?
We offer medical, vision, and dental insurance coverage. We have various plans available. All premiums are set up as pre-tax payroll deductions.

Can I get insurance coverage for my spouse or dependents?

Yes, you may add an eligible spouse or dependent(s) when selecting your benefits plan. Just select the appropriate program option - employee and spouse, employee and child, or family - and complete all necessary paperwork and pay the assigned premiums.
Travel Staffing
Why do healthcare professionals travel?
Some healthcare professionals travel to see different parts of the country, while others travel because they will receive better compensation. It depends on the individual, but most healthcare professionals travel for a combination of location, pay, benefits, and professional opportunities.

What are the minimum requirements to travel with 3D Medical Staffing?
You must have a degree from an accredited healthcare professional program in the United States or Canada and at least one year of acute care experience in the specialty area for which you apply for positions.

How do I start Travel Nursing?
Make the first step by registering and completing our online application. A recruiter will receive your application and contact you within 24 hours to gather more information and begin your search.

Do I have to travel with 3D Medical Staffing once I have submitted my application?
No. Your application is simply used to qualify you for a travel nurse assignment so that if you decide you want to travel with us, we can find the perfect travel nursing assignment for you.

How long will it take to approve my application and find an assignment?
Application approval is complete after we have checked your references. You could begin your first travel nurse assignment within one week as long as your documentation is in order and you have a current license in the state to which you're traveling.

Do I need to sign an employment contract in order to work with 3D Medical Staffing?

No. You will sign an assignment agreement for each placement you take that will delineate all details for that particular placement.

How long are travel assignments?
A typical travel nurse assignment is 13 weeks, but we offer a wide range of assignments, as well as permanent positions.

What shifts are available?
We offer shifts ranging from 8, 10 and 12 hour days and nights, depending on the facility.

How will 3D Medical Staffing prepare me for my assignment?
Once you have accepted an assignment, your recruiter will confirm your start date, shift, unit, pay rate, and pay plan. We will send you an employment package with all the information you will need to start your assignment.

If I'm on a travel nursing assignment and don't like it, do I have to stay?
You are obligated to the facility and 3D Medical Staffing to complete your assignment. Once your travel nursing assignment is complete, it is up to you to extend or continue traveling.

What happens once my assignment is complete?
If the facility would like to extend your assignment, you can continue with them if you'd like. If you or the facility does not wish to extend your assignment, you may contact your recruiter to sign up for a new travel nursing assignment or permanent position elsewhere.

Can I provide my own housing while on a travel nursing assignment?
Yes. If you prefer to make your own housing arrangements and the facility agrees, we will pay a housing per diem amount in your weekly check to cover the housing costs. The availability and amount of the housing allowance varies from assignment to assignment and depends upon the respective costs of living and any governmental limitation amounts. Check with your recruiter to determine your specific options.

Can you help me locate a position in a city where you do not have any assignments listed for your Open Jobs or Hot Jobs?
Even though we update our open jobs page every day, our account managers and sales staff are constantly bringing in new opportunities. If you can't find the perfect position in the Job Search with the right unit and right location, just contact us and let a recruiter know what you want and where you want to go!

How long are travel assignments with 3D Medical Staffing?
Most travel nursing assignments range from 13 to 26 weeks, however, there are many assignments that will go on indefinitely.

How many hours per week will I work at my travel job?
Most travel nursing assignments offer guaranteed hours ranging from 36 to 48 hours per week. You may work hours beyond your guarantee depending upon the facility of your assignment and you will be paid for those extra hours.

Where does 3D Medical Staffing have travel nursing opportunities?
3D Medical Staffing has travel nursing assignments available throughout the continental US and Hawaii. For current open jobs, contact at 1- 877-764-7400, or by email or do a quick job search
Per Diem Staffing
Where does 3D Medical Staffing place per diem nurses?
Currently, 3D Medical Staffing has many per diem opportunities throughout the country with a focus in the Salt Lake City, Utah, Las Vegas, Nevada and Dallas, Houston Texas. We anticipate opening additional per diem offices across the country.

How do I get started?
Register with us and then complete the online application or contact one of our recruiters today by phone or email. Once you complete your application and provide some additional documentation and verifications, you can begin working shifts.